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Stainless Steel Electric Kettle from Maspion. Starting from Rp. 139.000,-

Rp 139.000,-
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Stainless Steel Electric Kettle from Maspion. Starting from Rp. 139.000,-

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Stainless Steel Electric Kettle Type 4110 seharga Rp. 139.000,-

Stainless Steel Electric Kettle Type 4310 seharga Rp. 149.000,-

Hai disduser, untuk yang suka banget minum kopi dan nge -teh di pagi maupun sore hari kini gak perlu repot-repot harus mendidihkan air di dispenser. Kini ada technologi mutahir yang membuat air panas dengan cepat dan praktis ,nggak perlu repot-repot mesti masak air nunggu mendidih. Kini telah hadir Stainless Steel Electric Kettle. Pemanas air ini terbuat dari steinless yang membuat air panas lebih cepat merata dan mudah digunakan. Model yang stylish membuat tampilan stainless steel electric kettle ini terlihat modis dan mudah dibawa kemana saja.

Konfirmasi akhir pembayaran hari Senin tanggal 13 Februari 2012 pukul 12 siang

Tentang Maspion Group
PT. Maspion and its subsidiaries are the members of Maspion Group, and one of the largest consumer durable good producer in the world. The company possesses strong expertise in marketing and manufacturing wide series of quality houseware products of kitchenwares, plastic housewares, glasswares, and electrical home appliances. PVC and PE pipes are also available for residential and household purposes.

The company has an established and extensive distribution networks both domestically and internationally through its distributors, agents, or retailers, as well as representatives in major cities in Indonesia and major developed countries. The company has also been strong in establishing strategic alliances with major prominent foreign partners in manufacturing consumer durable products, that has strengthened the company business leading position in the domestic market and also kind presence in the global market.

The company has become a well recognized OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) players in the world, supplying some well known retail stores and wholesalers in United States as well as other major countries in the world.
Maspion Group
Maspion Group
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